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Total flexibility

It doesn’t matter what sector or application, the growing demand of productivity and rentability require a new level of adaptation, and that’s when the Crown SC Series stands out.

Integrated intelligence

The integrated Crown Access 1 2 3 control system provides operators confidence through real-time monitoring and management of the forklift systems.

The regenerative e-GEN breaking system delivers a better performance, service and cost advantages by eliminating the traditional friction brakes. This allows for variable braking in particular conditions and reduces pedal effort and the maintenance of the braking system.

The Crown Intrinsic Stability System brings trust, security and efficiency of a better performance. The assisted intelligence on board helps the operator; with a control based on the weight of the load, the lift height, the angle and the speed of the forklift truck.

A better ergonomy

The operators benefit from a ergonomy centered in the operator; a higher visibility, easier entrance and exit of the driving post and intuitive hydraulic control options.

An improved visibility in front, behind, above and below allows the operators to see people, objects and loads more easily.

The Crown seat (FlexSeat) offers a smooth and confortable ride thanks to the flexible, wide and long durability seat.

More steel when it’s necessary

Crown offers a unique combination of technology and resistance to maximise investment. Every forklift truck includes very robust components that resist the test of time.

The frame includes solid steel beams joined with a piece of joined steel plaque with a transversal support. The construction of the mast with I-profiles delivers an exceptionl visibility fo the operator in three points:  longitudinal and lateral rigidness, and tension resistance.

The sealed steel direction shafts, with a gear design, conical bearings for tough work and the rest of the sealed bearings contribute to the machine durability.

Durability value

Crown’s SC Series offers a long-term value that’s translated by a longer useful life and a cost of ownership that’s subtantially lower.

You can count on Llorsa Forklifts’ integral after-sale services backed up by years of a trustworthy and profitable service.

Battery Change System

The battery transfer system is a simple and safe method to change batteries in a quick and safe way.

Cabin options

A variety of options of cabins are available to improve the performance of its application: soft, hard and partially hard.


Lighting Packet

The LED lighting packet includes headlights and rear lights to provide additional visibility for operators and pedestrians.


Integrated Sideshifter

The integrated sideshifter has a design that protects the cylinders and helps to prevent hydraulic oil leaks.


Work Assist Accessories

The Work Assist accessories are designed to help the operator work easier, faster, and more productively.


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Technical Features
Power 48V / 330 - 775 Ah
Load capacity max 2.000 Kg
Lift height max 7.490 mm

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