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About us

30 years of experience in the industry of the forklift truck.


Since 1985, Llorsa Forklifts have supplied and provided services to a wide variety of forklift trucks in the Madrid y Guadalajara areas. Llorsa offers its clients a wide range of logistical industry solutions to move, raise and  locate loads in their warehouses.

Llorsa Forklifts, is one of the strongest family companies in the maintenance sector in the city centre. We supply practically all the types of forklift trucks that your warehouse could possibly need, including ergonomical products that improve productivity. Our clients go from big to small family orientated logistical companies. A variety of products, personal specialisation, and an emphasis on safety are combined to make Llorsa, one of the most respected companies in the maintenance sector.


Our objective is to be the main supplier of products and logistical services.

  • Customer service
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation



We can offer any type of forklift truck, from the simple manual pallet trucks to the most complex trilateral forklifts. Take a look at our stock of used forklifts, we might just have something that’ll suit your needs!

If what you need is a forklift truck for a certain amount of time, we also have a fleet of machines in stock that should meet your needs. We rent our forklifts on short, medium and long term.

It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is nor the age of your machine, we also provide assistance to machine of our competitor brands. We have mobile workshops that, when called about a broken down machine, will make sure they arrive in under 3 hours to repair the machine.


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