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Forklift rental

Short and long-term rental and lease purchase


We offer forklift rental services for our entire fleet. Our range of Crown rental forklifts is selected, serviced and maintained to give you the highest quality and reliability of service. Crown’s excellence and reputation for reliability make it the ideal brand for both short and long-term rental and lease purchase.

Many of our current customers began their relationship with us through our rental department and discovered the efficiency, high productivity and ease of operation of Crown forklifts, and several of them have gone on to become major customers of entire fleets of Crown forklifts.

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Advantages of forklift hire

Thanks to the rental service we offer at Llorsa, you can count on forklift trucks and all the other machinery in our catalog for as long as you need them.

This option gives your company the flexibility to have a high-performance forklift when you need it without paying to have it stand around unused.

  • Pay only for use
  • Flexibility
  • Llorsa Technical Assistance
  • Crown Technology and Warranty
  • Wide variety of machines: pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers…
  • From one to an entire fleet
  • Machinery delivery and collection
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Short-term forklift rental

Contact us and find out about the different forklift rental rates we offer at Llorsa. Whether you only need it for one day, or for more than a year, we offer you different rental options, as well as special prices for long-term rentals.

And remember that all forklift rentals include maintenance by Llorsa. In addition, we offer you the rental of Crown machinery, high-capacity forklift trucks widely recognized in the sector, that will certainly cover all your needs.

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Long-term forklift rental

On the other hand, if you need the forklift for longer, then you will be interested to know our long-term rental conditions.

This type of rental has several very interesting advantages:

  • Keener prices compared to short-term rental
  • Full maintenance by Llorsa Carretillas
  • Availability of new or used forklifts



Pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, electric, diesel and LPG forklifts


Forklift Rental with daily, weekly and monthly rates


Discounts for long-term rentals


Machinery delivery and collection service


Lease purchase is a very interesting option for long-term rentals. Forklift lease purchase is a way to finance the acquisition of machinery, as each month you pay a monthly installment and when a stipulated period of time has passed, typically one, two or three years, you can decide if you wish to purchase the forklift by paying the remaining part of the value.

Through a lease purchase agreement you can enjoy the advantages offered by market-leading Crown machines, and after a period of time you can get them for much less, and with the assurance that you have verified that these are high-performance forklifts.



Maintenance service by Llorsa included with your lease purchase agreement


Lease purchase of a forklift is a 100% tax-deductible expense


Get a new machine without the need to pay full price for the forklift


You will know what you are going to pay each month without surprises

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about forklift truck rental

What rental options do you have in Llorsa?

We offer endless options: from daily, weekly or monthly rental to even longer-term, for several years. If you are interested in the last of these, we recommend that you ask about the lease purchase service.

What kind of machinery can I rent?

All the machines you see on the website are available for rent: forklifts, pallet trucks, order pickers, electric forklifts, diesel forklifts… and from one unit to an entire fleet.

Does forklift rental include technical service?

Yes, from one-day to long-term rental, you can count on Llorsa’s technical service.

Who is responsible for transport?

Both the delivery and the collection of the machine are at Llorsa’s expense.

Can I use the forklift for just one day?

That’s right. The rental options are very wide and range from a single day to several years.

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