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This diesel forklift is the most strong machine of the Clark family as it has a maximum payload capacity of 8,000 kg. The load bearing has been increased by 25% reinforcing the frame and making the counterweight heavier.

Ideal for the most demanding environments, such as construction industry and meterials, woodworking, metalworking or beverages industry.

Clark Diesel Forklift C80D900

One of the most complete forklifts on the market. It can support up to 8000 kg on its forks. This makes it the strongest forklift in our entire catalog.

The best solution to the most demanding applications. Clark forklifts are the best balance between power and agility.

Powerful industrial engine

This diesel engine guarantees a strong acceleration and reliable operation. The three-speed fully automatic transmission (“Power Shift”) fitted as standard ensures high speed without jerks and safe maneuvering. Vibrations and noise are minimized due to the decoupling of the engine, transmission and driveshaft.

Low cost maintenance

Thanks to fault codes, simple on-board diagnosis is possible without the need for expensive service tools. The hinged cover can be simply opened during maintenance work and the service technician thus has quick and convenient access to all maintenance and wear parts.

Robust chasis

Designed to “Built to Last” , a robust and functional design with high quality components is guaranteed. From the fully welded frame through the robust steering axle to the robust vertical rails with a robust 8-roller carriage with four support rollers on the side.

Hydraulic operation

Ergonomic mini levers are available on request. The pedals have an automotive layout, permitting intuitive operation by driver. Up to 5 additional functions are offered to adapt the tuck to the respective application by means of attachments.

Safe entry and exit

Drivers can access the cab comfortably and safely thanks to two low, non-slip steps. The footwell is generously sized so drivers have plenty of room, even when wearing safety shoes.

Rear-view camera or 360º camera system

Optionally available, the 360º camera system by Clark helps to improve the safety in the warehouse and in narrow spaces.

Colour display

A large colour display with access to maintenance and service settings provides information about all the driver’s parameters.

Safe load handling

The upright rails have solid 8-roller fork carriers with four supporting rollers at the side to transport off-centre loads realiably. A low-noise handling ensures a quiet load handling of up to 8 tonnes with a load centre at 600 mm or 900 mm.

Optional equipment available

Individual options ensure that adaptation to the respective application is possible. The C80D900 can be fitted with non-marking tires, for example an acoustic reversing alarm, fork adjustment or built-in and overhanging side loaders.

The cab can be expanded with weather protection in the form of a roof and front window or fully equipped complete cabs. The two-piece driver’s doors can be opened 180 ° and attached to the chassis so that the truck can be driven with the door open.

The standard heated rear window, as well as easily accessible storage compartments and an MP3 radio complete the driver’s attractive workplace.

25% more payload capacity

In order to increase the load capacity of the C80D900, the vehicle-relevant areas have been built even more solidly. Therefore, the C80D900 has a residual load capacity that is 25 percent greater at 900mm load center (without accessories) compared to the C80D with 600mm load center.


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    Technical Characteristics
    Payload Up to 8000 Kg
    Lift Height Max. 3715 mm
    Speed Max. 29.4 Km/h
    Engine Output Diesel 55.4 kW

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