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Excellent performance and a unique confort 

If an electric pallet truck for intensive work and a high production efficiency is what you’re looking for, then Crown has the answer. The WT Series has everything you need: a robust design, an incomparable useful life, high operative efficiency and is exceptionally easy to use.

Prepared for extreme requirements.

To master the most demanding tasks, the WT pallet trucks are equipped with cast-steel reinforced chassis, up to 12 mm thick covers, die-cast aluminium handle and the toughest side restraints available on the market.

A pioneering shock-absorbing system reduces suspended shock loads, the platform and its components.

The elastic sealing of the traction units’ suspension, reajusts wear in the traction wheel. With the optional electric steering system, the pallet truck has an innovative hydraulic system, the pressue on the motor wheel increases the load weight. Steep or wet ramps increase traction, reducing slippage, which is particularly useful.

Lasting value.

Crown forklifts are designed for long-term value. This is also applied to the WT Series of pallet trucks with platform.

The longer maintenance intervals of the WT Series increases the functioning time and reduces costs.

When maintenance or technical surveys are needed, the support and load wheels can be easily replaced. The two lateral covers of the driving unit can easily and simply be opened so the internal components are easily accessible.
With Crown’s unique integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

Battery Roll-Out

The battery roll-out along with table are ideal for applications that require frequent battery changes.


Electronic Assisted Steering

The electronic steering improves manoeuvrability and driving, even when transporting heavy loads.


FlexRide Weight Suspension Platform

Crown’s patented FlexRide suspension is based on the operator’s weight, reducing impact and guaranteeing ultimate comfort for the operator.


Load Tray and Clipboard

The 90 kg capacity load tray can be used to hold anything from tools to products. Paper clips and shipping labels can be kept in a safe way and are always easily accessible.


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    Technical Features
    Electric supply 24v
    Power 24v / 240 - 465Ah
    Load capacity max 2.500 Kg
    Lift height max 210 mm
    Fork width 740 mm
    Fork length 1.000 - 2.400 mm

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