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CLARK C15/18/20s

Diesel Forklift series C15-20s are the result of hard work to achieve stable, reliable and durable forklifts. Among the main features we highlight its great ergonomics, performance and safety. This extremely compact machinery is also suitable for heavy duty tasks such as distribution, production and storage of goods.

Diesel Forklift C15-C20s

Diesel forklift has perfect characteristics for the correct movement of any type of merchandise.

Stable, reliable and durable forklifts. The best ally on the market to achieve unbeatable results. Move your merchandise safely, without fear that it could break or fall.

Protected headlights

  • Anticipate objects
  • LED option available for a perfectly lit viewing area

Nested vertical rails

  • Ensures a narrow profile of CLARK studs and a maximum viewing window

Compact design

  • The compact counterweight ensures maximum visibility when reversing

Driver’s compartment mounted on shock absorbers

  • This reduces vibrations and shocks during operation and thus allows for a more comfortable ride.

Low foot step

  • Ergonomically structured workstation with large low-level foot step.
  • Easy and safe entry and exit

Vertical cushioning

  • Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
  • Silent lift hydraulics
  • Reduced vibrations and shocks

Ergonomics and Comfort

The entire driver’s compartment rests on buffers. Vibrations and shocks during operation are reduced and thus this leads to a more comfortable ride.

High power engine

Yanmar diesel engine (2.2 L, 28.8 kW)

It guarantees high performance and torques with low fuel consumption. Low maintenance costs. Powerful acceleration and an extraordinarily quiet and comfortable ride. Complies with emission class IIIA.

Cabin program

  • CLARK forklifts can be equipped with a complete cab program
  • Additional equipment allows the operator to adjust the vehicle to various working conditions

Robust vertical support and fork carriage structure

  • Hydraulic vertical cushioning when lifting and lowering load.
  • Robust 6-roller fork carriage
  • Maximum visibility thanks to nested rail profiles
  • Silent lift hydraulics
  • Adjustable inclined loading rollers
  • Optimal load distribution and little play


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    Technical Characteristics
    Payload Up to 2.000 Kg
    Lift Height Max. 7075 mm
    Speed Up to 18.4 Km/h
    Engine Output Diésel 28.8 kW
    Stacking Aisle Width Min. 3665 mm

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