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Forklifts batteries and chargers

Wide range of batteries for your industrial vehicle

Starter batteries

Both Varta and Optima starting batteries for lift trucks have been designed as a power supply for all types of industrial vehicles. From light vehicles to lift trucks, or construction vehicles. Regardless of the power demand you may have, this product line will enable you to perform your work with reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership.

Monoblock batteries

The new FORCEblock range has been designed to be a complete and reliable solution for all those light motive power applications, such as EV, cleaning machines, small pallet trucks, aerial platforms, golf carts, etc. This type of batteries on your lift trucks will assure durability and proper operation.

Motive-Power batteries

The widest range of batteries for lift trucks or industrial vehicles in general. From pallet trucks or stackers to forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks…  We can also supply different battery technologies from the most standard, high-efficiency, or even the innovative Li-Ion technology.

Motive-Power battery chargers

The widest range of chargers for your motive-power battery, from the most basic charger to high-efficiency for your forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks.

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