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Forklifts Forks

Wide range of forks for your industrial vehicle


VETTER provides a vast the array of forks for your forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks, regardless of the load to be moved or the type of fork-machine connection. Standards, such as FEM I, FEM II or FEM III (the best known) apply to manufacturing. Lift truck forks manufactured in Germany with a high degree of quality, both in the steel used and in the manufacturing process.


  • Suspension measures for ISO 2328
  • The most commonly used form of fastening on forklifts
  • Mounted on the truck with ISO / FEM couplings
  • Characterized by a 20 ° angle on the couplings / carriers
  • Optimal heel with triple duration
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  • Used for forklifts with large load capacity and construction machinery
  • This suspension is used for guiding the forks on a shaft mounted on the fork-lift truck truck
  • Possibility of a floating function for outdoor work and uneven floors
  • Also used is the designation “Pin-type”
  • Optimal heel with triple duration
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  • Forks without anchors are available without any fastening
  • All sections and lengths are available without suspension
  • Primarily, an individual fastening is mounted subsequently (often in the accessory industry)
  • Delivery with or without optimal heel
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  • Used for forklift trucks with high load capacity and in port logistics
  • Mounting on the fork carrier by means of a top coupling and flange with lower bolt
  • The name “Terminal West”
  • There is no standard for dimensions
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  • Suspension measures per DIN 1513
  • However, there are also special dimensions
  • Mainly used in old forklifts and special machines of construction and agriculture
  • Mounted on the truck with DIN couplings
  • Characterized by a 90 ° angle on the hooks and fork carrier panels
  • Optimal heel with triple duration
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  • Used for forklifts with high load capacity, and in the industry of accessories.
  • The drills in the vertical part of the fork, make possible the fixation
  • Because of the bores, the load capacity of the screwed forks is reduced compared to standard forks of the same section
  • Optimal heel with triple duration
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  • Used for forklift trucks with high load capacity and in port logistics
  • Guided on the fork carrier by means of rollers mounted on the fork
  • Also used is the designation “Rollerfork” or “SVGV”
  • There is no standard for dimensions
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When the load to be lifted demands special high-load capacity forks, that’s when BIGForks come into play, with their high load capacity of up to 120 ton. Available in a wide range of sizes and specs.


  • Minimum Tolerances
  • High quality material
  • Smooth surfaces
  • High quality welding, welding certificate ISO 3834-2
  • Available with optimal heel
  • Sophisticated heat treatment for the best combination of durability, wear resistance and flexibility of the fork
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Fork Extensions

Fork extensions or telescopic forks are the perfect moving solution for loads whose dimensions are greater than the usual load – Easy installation and maximum safety.


  • Ideal solution for occasionally lifting and transporting loads longer than the fork length of the truck.
  • Solid, welded design (no profile bent) with a strong metal plate.
  • Efficient application by the perfect adaptation to the section of the fork.
  • Easy assembly. Fast and secure by locking with removable bolt.
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  • The telescopic hand forks are suitable for all forklifts. No additional hydraulics are required
  • Efficient application: Single-side loading and unloading of trucks. You can load 2 or 3 pallets at a time
  • Maximum safety: Always the adequate length needed at any time
  • Solid design, with a manganese plate at the bottom, provides dirt protection, wear, providing a long product life.
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Coated Forks

Polyurethane coated forks provide the load with optimum protection. This coating is intended to protect the load and prevent it from shifting, thereby creating a much safer work environment; there is also stainless steel/fireproof coating, used in anti-explosion areas.


  • Protection against damage and scratches
  • Non-slip dry and even wet
  • Noise reduction, especially when transporting in residential areas
  • Resistance to abrasion and cutting for optimum use and long life
  • Increased safety at work. No risk due to slips of cargo
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  • High safety in anti-explosion / explosion-proof areas
  • Long service life up to the limit of wear
  • Smaller sections compared to forked claddings
  • Time saving, since daily coating control is not necessary
  • Benefits in the areas of hygiene
  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistance against dirt, bacteria and corrosion
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Folding Forks

Whenever there is need for extra maneuvering room, the most practical solution is the use of folding forks on your truck; this way we will gain the entire length of the fork as extra room.


  • Used for transit in small spaces
  • Avoid accidents thanks to the folding of the forks
  • A single fork attached by the heel allows the fork to maintain its maneuverability.
  • Optimized design with integrated hinge for the same fork width.
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