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Goupil G2 industrial electric vehicle

GOUPIL G2 is an electric vehicle that features a modern design, a smooth ride and easy to use. This vehicle is approved to be driven on the road, it is capable of transporting up to 600 kg. It is such a versatile vehicle that it covers multiple day-to-day needs.

Goupil G2: Electric industrial vehicle

A vehicle that perfectly meets any type of need while working. It is comfortable, easy to handle, fast … Anyone can do their job with the best guarantees of satisfaction.

The main feature is its ease of use. When work is carried out in large places where we must move quickly, comfortably and efficiently, it is necessary to have means such as this vehicle. Suitable for the toughest jobs.

Compact and safe

This vehicle is able to make you feel safe in any situation or performing any job. Goupil G2 is equipped with 3-point seat belts and dual-circuit braking system. Its aluminum cabin associated with a tubular iron platform gives it great lightness and unique resistance. The G2 is suspended on 4 McPhersons and mounted on 14-inch wheels, the G2 is comfortable on all terrains. Its ultra compact size (1.1m wide) will allow you to access to the narrowest paths.


It is a very comfortable vehicle. Anyone can do their job with a total guarantee of comfort and stability. Entering and exiting is very easy and simple, something very convenient when we want to do a quick job. It’s easy to use. The modularity of the equipment at the rear and the efficiency of the comfort equipment are good reasons to turn to the Goupil G2. Its large openings and space on board facilitate the shortest trip.

Uses of Goupil G2

Suitable for work in public and private spaces, building maintenance, employee transport, etc.

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    Technical characteristics
    Type 100% electric vehicle
    Dimensions 3.280 x 1.105 x 1.785 mm
    Battery Various types of batteries of different capacities
    Applications Ideal for gardening, street cleaning and waste collection
    Payload Up to 634 kg
    VOLUME Up to 2.100 litres
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