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Goupil G4 Industrial electric vehicle

If you need a compact 100% electric electric vehicle safe and competitive, you need the GOUPIL G4. This model stands out for its ability to adapt to different businesses as well as the multiple configurations combined with the on-board equipment. These qualities have made it the reference in its category.

Goupil G4: 100% electric industrial vehicle

A compact and 100% electric vehicle. Capable of supporting loads of up to 1200 kg. It has a highly robust chassis on which the rest of the vehicle rests. It doesn’t matter if you take curves or steep slopes. Safety is one of the main characteristics of this vehicle.

It has multiple applications: Public sector (gardens, green spaces, leaf collection, etc.) or also private companies (construction companies, waste management companies, water treatment, etc.).


Suitable for performance in green spaces, logistics sector, waste management, etc. Thanks to its great versatility, the G4 vehicle can be adapted to any job.

Safe and compact vehicle

  • Equipped with McPherson suspensions at the front and with composite blades at the rear.
  • Dual circuit braking system.
  • Designed with an ultra-strong steel chassis on which an aluminum cab rests, the batteries are placed in the middle.

This structure associated with the powertrain option gives a residual payload of more than a ton and a traction capacity of more than 1t4 on the highway, unmatched in today’s compact electric market. The G4 takes advantage of the Polaris experience in road grip for safe driving.


If you carry out your professional work very quickly and you need an efficient and fast vehicle, the G4 is the best alternative. It is a very quiet vehicle. The absence of vibrations together with the comfort equipment (power steering, heating, air conditioning, rear view camera) make working stop being something hard and painful and become a comfortable experience to perform. With so much comfort, you can focus on getting the job done as well as possible, without symptoms of fatigue.

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    Technical characteristics
    Type 100% electric vehicle
    Dimensions 3.582 x 1.200 x 1.893 mm (standard model) / 4.130 x 1.200 x 1.893 mm (large size G4-L)
    Battery Lithium or lead batteries of different capacities
    Applications Ideal for gardening, street cleaning and waste collection
    Payload Up to 1.240 kg
    VOLUME Up to 3.000 litres
    Autonomy Up to 135 km
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