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Llorsa Forklift from its beginnings.

1985 - The beginning

Llorsa Forklifts was born from the ambition and innovative vision of it’s founders in the forklift truck market. Being a company of a family nature, it started its journey in small warehouses in the centre of Madrid, very near the Mercelo Usera road.  

The main activity of this time was technial assistance and maintenance in areas of close proximity, with a personnel of no more than 3 people and one technical assistance van.



Soon, the name LLORSA was born and started positioning itself in the Madrid market, providing a service that had never been heard of at the time, providing assistance in less than 24h was a novelty.
This was when the aliance between IBERCARRETILLAS and Llorsa Forklifts was created. Ibercarretillas is an official franchisee/importer for the whole of Spain of FIAT-OM-PIMESPO with their own offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Madrid and Valencia.

IbercarretillasLlorsa Forklifts became a franchisee of Ibercarretillas and started distributing the Italian brands FIAT-OM-PIMESPO.Ibercarretillas

The premises in the centre of Madrid started to seem small and far away to our clients so we moved to Ajalvir, in the noth-east part of Madrid. As the Madrid premises of Ibercarretillas were in Fuenlabrada, we were able to cover more of the province. We were also able to join the most logistical area of Madrid, the Corredor del Henares, where there are highly industrialised cities like Coslada, San Fernando de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz, Alcalá de Henares, Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara…



Quickly, the journey of Llorsa Forklifts began to evolve thanks to the support of representative brands such as FIAT-OM-PIMESPO. Its activities started to develop too, in the commercial sector, the workforce grew to 12 people, the number of mobile workshops rose by more than 5 and they were equipped just like a physical workshop, which was very innovative for the time. 



The facilities had to be enlarged by adjoining new parcels of land. The small warehouse of replacement parts evolved into a much bigger one, gaining a wider stock and thus enabling the company to provide a better technical assistance service. 


The commercial and administrative activities also needed bigger offices, an update of the working benches, lifters, tools, hydraulic press, vehical cleaners, etc. 



New commercial partnerships were created with Bergé, one of the biggest Spanish business groups, and its logistic department, EUROPMAN y EUROLIFT, was the exclusive importer for the Spanish market of Toyota, Daewoo y Crown forklift trucks.



The logistical business activities of Bergé changed and EUROPMAN “disappeared” when Toyota Material Handling came to Spain and EUROPMAN disappeared as importer of the Japanese brand. All was down to the expansion of the Japanese company in Europe. These changes also coincided with the purchase of the Swedish manufacturer BT, and so the Japanese group covered the whole range of the forklift truck. 

Due to this and other changes, EUROLIFT became the exclusive importer in Spain for Daewoo and Crown that incorporated for a short period of time other manufacterers like Logitrans y Kalmar.



Following these changes, Llorsa Forklifts has become an official franchisee at a commercial and technical level in Madrid and Guadalajara for the following brands: Daewoo, Crown, Logitrans y Kalmar.






After Bergé disolved Eurolift, its manufacterers took over the most important brands with the exception of Logitrans, that Bergé carried on importing.

The Coreen company Doosan, moved its importations from Spain to Portugal through the Portuguese company Lusilectra, becoming the exclusive importer for the whole of the Iberian peninsular. 

After a few business changes, Kalmar became a part of the Cargotec group and started importing directly in Spain. 

The north american manufacturer, Crown, decided to open its new offices in Spain, in Madrid y Valencia (later in Barcelona as well). They also decided to trust the companies that had been faithful to them for so many years. 

A network of franchisees was then created and Llorsa Forklifts were the first to enter this network of official franchisees for the provinces of Madrid y Guadalajara.

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