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From a simple weighing control, to a high precision of the load through the hydraulic system of the machine.

RAVAS supplies a complete range of weighing systems for mounting on forklifts.

Simple Check Weighing

For simple check weighing, where a high accuracy is not required, there is the RCS hydraulic load indication system.

There is a limit to the accuracy of the RCS, with a maximum tolerance of 2% of the lifting capacity of the forklift.

An oil pressure sensor is installed in the forklift’s hydraulic circuit by way of T coupling. The in-cabin indicator converts the reading to a weight value of the load on the forks. This system is intended for simple check weighing, such as during goods reception, as well as to avoid overloads in trucks, warehouses and the forklifts themselves.

Technical features
Weighing capacity 2.500, 5.000 or 10.000 kg
Graduation 10 kg to 2.500 kg, 20 kg to 5.000 kg, 50 kg to 10.000 kg
Precision de pesaje 2% (de la capacidad de la máquina)
Power supply 4 AA Batteries
Battery life 6 months

For simple check weighing, where a high accuracy is not required, there is the RCS hydraulic load indication system.

With the RCS PLUS, RAVAS sets the new standard for oil pressure weighing on forklift trucks in the market.

The RCS PLUS is an accurate hydraulic scale, very user friendly and fitted with modern technology for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication.

The RCS PLUS weighs by measuring the pressure in the hydraulic circuit of the forklift truck. This pressure is measured with a temperature compensated sensor in the valve block. During a controlled descent of the load on the forks, the RCS PLUS measures the oil pressure in the mast at a high frequency. The indicator software turns these measurements into an accurate weight indication of the load of the forks. The maximum tolerance is 0.2% of the machine’s weighing capacity. The RCS PLUS has a standard capacity up to 10 Ton and is optionally available up for weighing up to 30 Ton.

Excellent for check weighing

The RCS PLUS is an excellent tool for weight checks on a fork lift truck, for example at goods reception, determining shipping weights, preventing overloads, stock-taking, stock control, etc. Used with attachments, like a clamp or rotator, the RCS PLUS offers the best, most accurate and cost efficient hydraulic solution available on the market. The RCS PLUS is easy to install, very user friendly and virtually maintenance free.

Hydraulic Weighing System

Gross, net, tare, accumulate, code-entry and date/time registration;Kg and Lb readout.
Optional available: heavy-duty valve block for 10-30 Ton weighing capacity. The heavy duty valve block is standard supplied with an integrated oil filter.

User-Friendy Touch Panel

The RCS PLUS indicator is renowned from the successful iForks system and is modified on a number of areas especially for use in the RCS PLUS. There’s a special button on the touch panel of the indicator to initiate weighing.

A special button for weighing

The RCS PLUS indicator has a dedicated button for weighing. As this button operates the main function of the system it is colored red. This increases the user friendliness and correct operation of the weighing system. The weighing button activates the hydraulic weighing cycle by opening the valve in the valve block using its internal relay.

Countdown during Hydraulic Weighing

The procedure for weighing is easy. The load is lifted to the marked reference height on the mast and accordingly it can be weighed. That moment the valve in the RCS PLUS’ valve block opens and the measurement is done. The indicator counts down during the weighing. After pushing the weighing key, the display counts down from 4….3….2….1…. then shows the weight.the

Zero Value

The RCS PLUS reflects the oil pressure in the mast’s hydraulic circuit when the forks are unloaded. After unloading the forks the display value returns to the zero point, providing the operator with actual information on a possible drift of the calibrated system’s zero point during use. The dynamic zero value provides this information to the forklift driver. A possible zero point drift can easily be corrected by doing a zero weighing and restoring the zero point. Then the system is ready for accurate weighing again.

Data Communication Combination

The RCS PLUS indicator has two available com-ports to which Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hardware – and of course a printer – can be installed. Also a serial RS232 output is available. Combined use of the two com-ports allows a printer on COM1 to, for example make a printout after loading a truck. The possible combinations of data communication on the two COM-ports are RS232 and Bluetooth or RS232 and WiFi.

Technical features
Weighing capacity 2,500, 5,000 or 10,000 kg
Graduation 2 kg to 2.500 kg, 5 kg to 5.000 kg, 10 kg to 10.000 kg
Precision weighing 0.2% (of the capacity of the machine)
Power supply 12V from the battery of the truck

The RCS HY-Q system measures weight more accurately and provides overload indication.

The RCS HY-Q  is a high accuracy forklift hydraulic scale, with a full color graphic driver display. Weighing the load UP and DOWN reduces sensitivity for off-center loads, making RCS Hy-Q ideal for use in combination with roll clamps or side-shifters on the truck.

On a 2.5T lift truck the RCS Hy-Q shows the weight on the forks in 2 kg increments, with a +/- 5 kg maximum error.

In addition to the weight, the display also provides an overload indication in the form of a graphic load bar.

The RCS only uses a pressure sensor that is installed on a hydraulic lead via a T-piece. This makes the installation of the RCS Hy-Q easy and cost efficient. It also makes the system safer to use

Technical features
Weighing capacity 2.500 kg to 99.000 kg
Graduation 2 kg to 2.500 kg, 5 kg to 5.000 kg, 10 kg to 10.000 kg, 20 kg to 25.000 kg, 50 kg to 50.000 kg
Precision weighing 0.2% (of the capacity of the truck)
Power supply 12V from the battery of the truck
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