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Industrial Tires

Wheels for any application, from forklifts, excavators, elevating platforms and even airport vehicles.

Solid Press-On Tires

Highly efficient forklift wheels suitable for many other applications (aerial platforms, airport machines, etc.). Find out about our wide range of references and models.


Their design offers high performance and maximum durability. In addition, the load is optimally distributed to ensure maximum stability.

Solid Resilient Tires

Resilient tires for any application requirements, from small industrial vehicles to lift trucks, lifting platforms, trailers, airport machinery, etc.

Created with an excellent design for any type of electric or diesel forklift. Discover all their technical characteristics and the different sizes we offer you.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires for extensive use and heavy load applications, as well as for lighter loads. Trelleborg’s T-800 and T-900 pneumatic tire line has been developed to offer outstanding performance on lift trucks as well as on other industrial equipment.


These wheels offer excellent grip and traction, perfect for the most demanding jobs and warehouse movements.

Wheels and Rims

Wheels and rims for any application, compliant with OEM manufacturer specifications.  Designed for small industrial vehicles, lift trucks, lifting platforms, trailers, airport machinery, etc.


Tires designed to withstand the most adverse and difficult conditions. Great adaptability.


All the wheel models and references we offer comply with all the warranty and quality requirements of the sector.

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