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Order pickers for maximum productivity in your warehouse. 

The Crown GPC Series was developed with the whole order picking process in mind. Thanks to a variety of applications, excellent ergonomy and high reliability, the productivity of your warehouse will improve considerably.

Efficient order picking

The GPC Series doesn’t only offer an exceptional performance, but also great comfort for the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

Studies have shown that up to 90 % of typical order picking is performed away from the machine.

Crown engineers and designers have created a comprehensive range of options and accessories to fit the exact requirements of each application and to reduce operator movements on and off the order picker.

Move Picking to a higher level

The GPC Series includes models that have been developped for the most difficult tasks, such as taller and heavier loads and second-level picking.

An optional fold-down step provides a practical way to extend operator reach. The GPC Series also includes a platform-lift option to position operators for easier second-level picking.

Order picker models with high-lift forks provide ergonomic and productive advantages. Forks can be raised to minimise operator movements, reducing operator fatigue and insuring steadier picks.

Designed for reliable performance.

The GPC Series order picker features a robust, reliable design that makes the picking child’s play for operators.

Crown is also a pioneer in order picker technologies, like the self-manufactured AC traction motor, the exclusive Access 1 2 3 control system, the e-GEN braking system and electric steering. These allows a safe operation and maximum productivity.

Long-term success.

In the development of the GPC Series order pickers, the Crown engineers found a better performance level, reducing energy consumption.

To protect the expensive components behind the front cover, the Crown GPC Series order picker includes up to 200 kg more steel, than it’s competitors.

Crown follows a unique integral production design based on spare parts and services, so you an significantly reduce the cost of ownership.

Fold-Down Step

A fold-down step provides a practical and economical way to extend the reach of the operator, providing a safer and faster way of handling out-of-reach products.


Lifting Platform

The lifting platform is ideal for applications with frequent second-level picking tasks.


Load Backrest

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents unexpected pallet movement. gpc3000-load-backrest

Work Assist Accessories

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator’s job faster, easier and more productive.


Picking Control

This feature allows the operator to “drive” the order pickers to the next loading location without delays in lifting and lowering the platform.


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Technical features
Power 24V / 465 - 620 Ah
Load capacity 1.200 - 2.700 Kg
Lift height 240 - 960 mm
Fork width 810 - 1.522 mm
Fork length 1.000 - 2.880 mm

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