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Clearly elevated performance.

From the wide-open operator window to its rock solid stability system, Crown’s SP Series forklifts are designed to help busy order pickers maintain confidence at height and efficiently handle a variety of tasks.

Visibility that drives success

Clear vision is the foundation of operator confidence. The order pickers have exceptional visibility which means operators will clearly be more productive.

The SP Series provides the most unobstructed view through the mast and reduces “tunnel vision”, increasing operator confidence, especially when at a height.

Stability that builds confidence

Ample use of steel, from the mast to the side gates, means less sway and more operator certainty for greater all-around productivity.

That’s why Crown engineers developed the most stable mast in the industry with heavy gauge steel, wide C-channels on the outside and I-beams on the inside, robust stabilising angular cross bars and exclusive vertical mast braces.

Operators have four fixed contact points with the order pickers to guarantee a bigger stability when immobile and moving in the air.

Performance that stands out.

Crown’s SP Series supports a variety of operational needs while delivering speeds that ensure the fastest cycle times.

The regenerative descent, only available in certain models of the SP Series, capture lost energy and fills the battery, which means less battery chargers, larger turns and reduced costs.

The linear speed control is an option for the order pickers of our competitors, but it’s a standard in all of our SP models and uses a high sensor to lift the height of the platform and determine the optimal speed level.

Durability that pays

With a longer useful life, proven diagnostics and a spare part/after-sales service, the users of Crown’s SP Series experience more satisfaction, a longer useful life and a lower total cost of ownership of Crown’s forklifts.

With a vertical manufacturing concept and Crown’s after-sales service, the total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

Pallet clamp

The pallet clamp keeps the pallets in place with the crossbars to avoid unexpected pallet movement.

Edge Guidance

Edge guidance for an automatic steering control cable, allowing for minimal aisle widths.  sp3500-wire-guidance

Load-Facing Operator Controls

The operator controls improve visibility and productivity in positioning the forks beside the pallets.


Lateral Direction Wheels

The guiding lane allows work to be carried out in aisles that are tighter than the forklift itself, thus avoiding collisions with shelves.


Fan and Light Package

The fan and light package provides auxiliary lighting and improves operator comfort.


Platform Cage

The platform cage is an extension of the platform with foldable sides that are ideal for picking big and bulky loads.sp-emea-platform-extension

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    Technical Features
    Power 24V / 500 - 800 Ah
    Load capacity max 1.250 Kg
    Height (forks) max 9.600 mm
    Height (plataform) max 9.465 mm

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