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Weighing Systems

Weighing systems for pallet trucks, stackers and forklifts, weighs during transportation, you save time, space and labor.

Hydraulic weighing system

Ravas provides a full range of hydraulic weighing systems to be installed on forklift equipment. For simple check weighing, where a high degree of accuracy is not required, there is the RCS hydraulic-load indication system.


iForks is the most successful wireless scale for forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow-aisle trucks. The iForks line provides a highly accurate weight read-out in 1-kg display intervals.

Integrated weighing system

All electric pallet trucks and stackers can be equipped with a weighing system. The forks of the machine are mechanically modified in order to fit the components of the weighing device, adding only 5 mm to the fork height.

Safety during load transportation

RAVAS-SafeLoad is a forklift product that provides both a weight indication and stability information in a single combined display. It acts as an active load diagram: it calculates considering weight, load-center point and mast tilt, in order to decide whether a load is lifted safely.

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