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Designed to face any logistic challenge

Crown platform stackers are specially designed for hard and often difficult challenges.
The design incorporates robustness and accuracy.

More than just lifting things

Maximising its productivity with features that allows its operators to have more control in their everyday work.

The double elevation function, the robust mast, the stable chassis, an excellent visibility and the cane of the handle fixed in the centre of the stacker allows for precise positioning of merchandise. Therefore the storage and collection of items is more productive.

The ET-i model with initial elevation, provides more flexibility thanks to more free space on the floor around it. The transportation of loads in unsafe conditions are no longer a problem. The robust elevating arms keep a load raised from uneven floors, ramps, spaces with potholes and are also ideal for working at two levels.

Easy and safe to use

The Crown brand is synonymous to ergonomic design. The characteristics of the Crown forklifts such as an easy-to-use design and high productivity are also incorporated in the ET series of stackers.

The collapsing FlexRide platform reduces the impacts of potholes by more than 80 %, ensuring a soft ride with less stress and tiredness. The lateral arms with a quick extendible function are brilliantly convenient and fitting for the operator. They are easy to fold, so the operator can leave the platform in a quick fashion in narrow spaces.

In addition, the positioning of the four wheels, the handle fixed in the middle of the stacker, the intelligent electric steering and an automatic speed control when turning corners allows the manoeuvrability to become easier and less tiresome.

Robust and easy-to-use.

Crown’s big triphase driving motor and its transmission with a cast iron body ensure a reliable performance including with heavy loads.

The intertwined double-T profiles and the thick steel cross bars are features of the design of the highly stable with high residual capacity, robust mast. The reinforced 8 mm thick steel chassis and die-cast aluminium control handle hold up under the toughest conditions.

Crown’s e-GEN braking system uses the power of the alternating motor to improve overall braking performance for the length of its life while virtually eliminating brake maintenance.

Battery Roll-Out

The battery roll-out along and table is ideal for applications that need frequent battery changes.


Freezer Conditioning

The freezer conditioning design allows the stacker to maintain perfomance in cold conditions, up to -30º.


Load Backrest

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents unexpected pallet movement.


On-Board Charger

The fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the truck battery.


Protective Mast Grill

The protective mast grill offers the best protection for the operator.


Pallet Entry-Exit System

The pallet entry/exit system allows the forks to go in and out with ease to reduce pallet wear.


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Technical Features
Power 24V / 230 - 375 Ah
Load capacity 1.200 - 1.600 Kg
Lift height 5.400 mm
Fork width 800 mm
Fork length 1.150 - 1.200 mm

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