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Accuracy and power in small spaces

The WF and ES Series of Crown stackers offer a powerful performance, strong control, excellent manoeuvrability and visibility so operators can work safely and productively in small spaces.

Very easy to drive

The fork of the WF series of stackers, is directly inserted in the arms of the wheels for the efficient manoeuvring of any type of pallet. Thanks to its compact shape, small turning radius and the exclusive design of the Crown X10 handle, the operator can control raised loads at any time.

The low-profile power unit, clear mast design with efficient routing of hydraulic hoses all contribute to clear visibility to the operator forward, upward and to both sides.

Powerful and safe

The WF Series of stackers balances operator power and safety by helping operators manoeuvre and position loads in tight, congested spaces with less effort.

The handle is fixed in the centre of the stacker thus ensuring the operator is always at a safe distance from the driving unit.

Lasting value.

Crown builds long-term value into all of its stackers, which includes use of more steel than its competitors to protect internal components and extend lifespan.

Crown is the only company in the industry that offers lifetime warranty for the chassis of the WF Series of stackers.

Tandem Load Wheels

Tandem load wheels reduce individual wheel loading to extend life.


Freezer Conditioning

Freezer conditioning allows the forklift to maintain performance in cold storage facilities, up to -30º.


Load Backrest

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents unexpected pallet movement.


Choice of batteries

Crown offers a variety of maintenance-free and monobloc batteries, to satisfy specific power requirements and charge/discharge cycles.


Remote Raise and Lower Control

The remote raise and lower control provides the operator a more convenient way to raise and lower the forks while loading and unloading pallets.


Storage Pockets

The storage pockets offer a secure storage solution for tools and other items.


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    Technical Features
    Power 24V / 94 - 180 Ah
    Load capacity max 1.200 Kg
    Lift height max 4.400 mm
    Fork width 692 mm
    Fork length 1.150 mm

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    Robust and far-reaching.

    The ES Series is evidently powerful inside and out. Its components and structures are designed for maximum power and resistance.

    The driving unit has an AC motor and an engine unit made of highly resistant cast iron for manoeuvring the heaviest loads. The driving unit is assured a long life even in the harshest operating environments thanks to the handlebar made of steel and the handle itself of die-cast aluminium.

    The robust driving unit has a steel enamel skirt and removable steel covers, features of the nested mast, the double I-beam construction and thick, steel cross bars.

    A clearly visible advantage

    A greater visibility on every side of the ES Series stacker allows the highest safety for operators when working in narrow spaces. This significantly improves performance and provides a safe working environment when manoeuvring.

    A short power unit, a wide visibility window in the mast and the fork lift provide a clear view of the tips of the forks. The indicators on the tips of the forks allow a quick referential view to help operators when positioning the forks.

    The handlebar is positioned in the centre of the stacker thus allowing the operator to work at a safe distance, providing maximum visibility on every side of the stacker.

    Exceptional relaibility and a lasting value.

    Engineered for durability and power, the ES Series stackers prove their value with exceptionally long life.

    A virtually maintenance free 3-phase AC traction control motor provides strong acceleration and control at any speed.

    The e-GEN braking system uses the AC motor to stop the stacker, eliminating adjustments and wear points on mechanical brake systems for virtually maintenance-free operation.

    Battery Roll-Out

    The roll-out battery and table are ideal for applications that require frequent battery changes.


    On-Board Charger

    The fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the stacker battery.


    Pallet Entry/Exit System

    The pallet entry/exit system allows the forks to move in and out with ease, reducing pallet damage.


    Freezer Conditioning

    The freezer conditioning guarantees the stacker to fully-function in environments up to -30º.


    Protective Mast Grill

    The protective mast grill offers more protection to the operator.


    Load Backrest

    The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents unexpected pallet movement.


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      Technical Features
      Power 24V / 250 - 375 Ah
      Load capacity 1.200 - 1.600 Kg
      Lift height max 5.400 mm
      Fork width 758 - 929 mm
      Fork length 1.150 - 1.200 mm

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