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The new stainless steel electric pallet truck with platform is characterized by its innovative and sanitizable design that allows daily cleaning of the equipment as well as the rest of the processing and packaging machinery in the production rooms. These stainless pallet trucks are ideal for long-distance transport that require spaces with high levels of hygiene requirements.

Stainless steel electric pallet truck with platform

Unlike the other models, this type of pallet truck has a platform that allows the mobility of the operator who drives it. Due to how it is manufactured, this pallet truck requires minimal maintenance, so you won’t worry about about its dirty or damaged over time.

It is 100% stainless steel. It has a totally sanitizable design, so it can be used in sectors where keeping the environment clean and without machines or tools that can dirty the workspace, is essential to be able to carry out the work successfully.

Innovative and hyigienic design

  • With a totally open chassis, the watertight compartment for the protection of the lifting system where all electronic equipment is protected and the high degree of protection IP65, characterize the sanitizable design, in which the folds and recesses that together with the welding seams disappear continuous systems allow comprehensive cleaning of the equipment without affecting its operation.

Safety and ergonomics

  • Adjustment of the drive angle at the height of the operators. The ambidextrous tiller incorporates the upright unlocking function to work in places with reduced maneuverability.


  • Quick-release hood to access all electronic components.

Minimal Risk of Microbiological Contamination

  • Curved and inclined surfaces for perfect drainage and rapid drying of surfaces.
  • Watertight stainless bearings on the load wheels. All joints are provided with polymeric bearings

Ready for intensitve use

  • Possibility of vertical exit with guidance and side with roller bed to work with double battery sets.

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