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The new ULMA Inoxtruck electric stacker stands out for its sanitizable and innovative design, providing an optimal response to the stacking and storage needs of meat products at different heights, in production rooms where hygiene requirements are highest. This 100% stainless equipment offers the maximum residual load capacity at maximum height.


Stainless Steel Electric Stacker with EPS Double Traction

Stacker manufactured with a chassis resistant to the most aggressive environments. It has a double traction system that provides maximum stability. Perfect for those jobs in which very delicate goods are transported, such as the pharmaceutical sector.

100% stainless with electronics with high IP protection. Due to its design, this machine can be used without any problem in those work spaces where maximum cleaning of the work environment is required.

Hygienic and Innovative Design

This stainless steel electric stacker has an opened chassis, waterproof resistance in all the electronics, IP protecions and a curved structure for a faster drying than other electric stackers.

Great safety and ergonomics

Equipped with a precise electronic steering and safety valve against breakage, in addition to incorporating the function of speed reduction in curves and speed limiter from a height.

Maximum visibility

The revolutionary panoramic mast offers unsurpassed front visibility and superb lift capacity.

Minimum maintenance

Waterproof stainless steel bearings on the load wheels and on the mast. All joints are provided with bearings without the need for lubrication. The use of lifting cables instead of chains avoids the need for lubrication, in addition to reducing the risk of microbiological contamination.

Double traction system

Double traction system is able to improve grip when moving, guaranteeing the contact of a traction wheel with the ground at all times.

Tailor made measures

Possibility of different types of mast, initial lift, platform for mounted operator, etc.


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    Techinal Characteristics
    Payload 1.500 Kg
    Elevation 85-205 mm


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