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The new stainless steel hand pallet truck by ULMA is characterized by its innovative design and ease to respond effectively even in the most aggressive environments in salinity and humidity.

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Stainless steel hand pallet truck MPT15 and MPT10S

This stainless steel hand pallet trucks offers an innovative and sanitizable design and respond effectively even in the most aggressive environments due to their high degree of salinity and humidity.

Easy access to all areas of the pallet truck for cleaning, reducing the risk of microbiological contamination.

Easy to clean and high resistance against corrosion

  • Machinery and welding dust are cleaned by glass-fibre blasting process.
  • The fork is open and highly hygienic, with no space for bacterias to hide.


  • The ergonomic design of the tiller and its 210º angle allow the operator to handle it easily and reduce efforts in the lifting and driving.
  • Controls for the three tiller positions (lower, neutral, lift) allow safe control of the fork.

Quick Rise

  • The design of the hydraulic system allows lifting in 5 strokes when the pallet truck is not completely loaded, improving productivity in handling loads.

100% Stainless Steel

  • Made entirely of 304L or 316L stainless steel, including hydraulic equipment.

Minimal maintenance

  • All bearings are waterproof and lubricated from origin. The moveable parts of the ULMA stainless steel hand pallet truck are fitted with polymeric bearings without the need for lubrication. In addition, the braided and stainless cable to operate the valve is covered with plastic.

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Payload Up to 1.500 Kg
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