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Varta and Optima starter batteries have been designed to supply power to any type of industrial vehicle.

From light vehicles to construction vehicles, no matter what energy demand you need, the range of products will make it easier for you to do your job with less downtime and lower cost of ownership.

baterias para carretillas elevadoras
baterias para carretillas elevadoras

VARTA Dynamic Trio / Promotive Trio

Varta starting batteries are known for their reliable power supply and powerful cold start force, even in extreme conditions, as well as for their capability to maintain their reserve capacity for extended periods. This powerful battery exceeds even the manufacturer’s expectations.

The major, feature among all of Varta’s starting batteries is their innovative technology

PowerFrame technology
is designed to offer a perfectly constant flow of current, and assure maximum resistance with optimal conductivity.

Flooded Technology

VARTA® offers a full portfolio of flooded lead-acid batteries to serve an extensive range of vehicles.

Each battery is built to meet the specific needs of our global customer base of original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers.

Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most common battery type. A liquid electrolyte consisting of sulphuric acid covers all internal parts. VARTA flooded batteries have a sealed construction, so that they are leak proof.

Silver Dynamic / Promotive

Industrial vehicles that demand maximum performance require a high-quality, reliable battery with excellent cold start power.

This maintenance-free battery offers optimal resistance during the charge and discharge cycles.

  • Designed for high-performance industrial vehicles with high power demand
  • Excellent cold-start power
  • Modern technology with minimum water consumption
  • PowerFrame grid technology for a longer service life

Blue Dynamic / Promotive

Robust multiuse battery, meeting a large proportion of the manufacturer’s specifications, offering the best cold-start power in its category.

  • Designed for a wide range of industrial and light vehicles
  • Excellent cold-start power
  • Modern technology used by the manufacturers, with minimum water consumption
  • PowerFrame grid technology for a longer service life

Black Dynamic / Promotive

Lightweight industrial vehicles that do not demand much starting or power capability may opt for a battery that offers good performance and capacity.

Under normal working conditions, they do not require any maintenance, thus their overall cost is reduced.

  • Designed for industrial vehicles with basic power demand
  • Excellent cold-start power
  • Modern technology used by the manufacturers, with minimum water consumption
  • PowerFrame grid technology for a longer service life
Technical Features
Type Starter
Start Power CCA 330A - 1400A
Cold start power CCA 110% - 122%
Technology Wet / SLI
Positive grid PowerFrame
Negative grid Expanded metal
Volt 12V
Capacity (C20h) 40 - 225 Ah

SpiralCell Technology

Optima batteries are based on SpiralCell technology. Instead of the flat plates used in conventional batteries, Optima utilizes two thin lead plates which are wound in a cylindrical spiral which houses the micro fiberglass that contains the acid.

The idea of winding the plates and joining them by means of solid connections delivers the maximum features with a minimum weight and size. This makes the battery compact, robust and easy to install.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology

In traditional batteries, the positive and negative plates are submerged in an acid solution within a container. In the case of AGM batteries, these plates are separated by an absorbent fiberglass mat that retains the acid much like a sponge. This way, potential acid spills are minimized.

They use lead of a higher grade (as pure as 99.99 %) than other conventional batteries. Such greater purity results in less contamination and less gas emissions, thereby extending the life of the battery and enhancing its performance.

It offers low internal resistance and greater plate surface area to achieve superior starting power, much faster recharge capability and a higher voltage during the discharge cycle. They are practically leak proof and vibration resistant.


The OPTIMA RedTop battery demonstrates its extraordinary starting capability where the use of machinery is seasonal. The key to this starting power is OPTIMA’s Spiralcell technology, capable of starting large diesel engines with a battery as small as that of a passenger car and easily installed in areas with limited space. This powerful battery is also vibration, shock and collision resistant. The RedTop’s tough structure is capable of withstanding the harshest conditions without any leaks or interruptions.

  • Professional starting batteries
  • Capable of replacing batteries four times their size
  • Up to three times longer service life
  • Safe. Practically no fumes
  • Totally airtight and 100% maintenance-free
  • Installed in any position.


Optima YellowTop batteries guarantee non-stop power during the entire discharge cycle regardless of how challenging the situation may be (dampness, heat, dirtiness, vibration or very frequent discharges). The battery’s ability to maintain high power during the discharge cycle enables it to leverage the stored power more fully than conventional batteries. All this is the result of the Spiralcell technology, which combines the advantages of starting batteries with those of deep cycle batteries. The YellowTop may be charged and discharged several times without losing its capacity, and it is ideal for seasonal use given its minimal self-discharge rate.

  • Totally airtight, deep-cycle batteries
  • Higher open-circuit voltage: 13.20 V
  • Up to 400 cycles 100% DOD
  • Ultrafast charge, thanks to its minimal internal resistance
  • Resistant to all types of vibration


Optima BlueTop batteries come in two versions which make them the ideal battery for all types of marine conditions. One of them is a powerful starting battery (SLI) that provides maximum starting power even in extreme dampness conditions. The other version (DC) is a starting/deep-cycle battery that also provides power to all onboard equipment and accessories. All these advantages make Optima BlueTop the ideal choice for a range of applications that require combining the battery’s different properties depending on operating conditions and power requirements.

  • SLI and Deep-Cycle marine batteries
  • Corrosion free
  • Capable of submerged operation
  • Vibration resistant
  • Safe. Practically no fumes
Technical Features
Type Starter / Stationary
Starter power CCA 460A - 975A
Technology AGM
Grid SpiralCell
Volt 12V
Capacity (C20h) 44 - 75 Ah
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