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Set a new pace with the Crown VNA trucks.

The TSP Series of VNA turret trucks maximises the use of space throughout the warehouse, exceptional travel speed, load capacity and height combined with a heavy-duty mast that delivers an optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Reach maximum load capacity

The VNA TSP Series truck features a strong mast, and higher lift in narrow spaces that help to make the most of the storing space. .

Crown’s exclusive MonoLift mast provides the stability needed for operators and loads up to six floors in the air.

The MonoLift mast includes strengthened boxed-in sections and heavy-gauge steel. As a result, there’s less twisting and swaying than with traditional upright masts.

Performance to maximise every cycle

With the TSP VNA turret truck you can transfer, lift and handle loads much faster and run longer, for maximum performance.

Lifting a loaded platform is where cycle speed is won or lost. With the TSP Series, uses achieve up to 41% advantage in lift speed. Along with faster travel and quicker pivot and traverse speeds, you get total cycle performance.

The regenerative lowering system recaptures lost energy while batteries provide more power, fewer battery changes and longer useful life.

An optimised control with every move

An incomparable comfort and safety allow the operator to work with confidence.

Crown’s TSP Series VNA turret truck provides unmatched flexibility and comfort with the MoveControl seat. Its integrated controls and full adjustability support every operator move.

The operator-centric design of the operator compartment offers a range of features that support operator control, comfort and flexibility with every move.

Always ready for any shift

Durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance minimise downtime to keep the TSP Series VNA turret truck always ready for maximum productivity.

Strong steel covers protect expensive internal components. Long-term reliability is improved by the separation of electronics from heat sources. Integrated technologies, such as Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 comprehensive system control optimise performance, energy consumption and activity.

Freezer cabin

The spacious enclosed freezer cabin provides a heated, comfortable work envionment in extreme temperature applications. The cabin also affords exceptional visibility that contributes to operator productivity and shift endurance.


Rail-guide System

The rail-guide system allows for work in restricted aisle widths.


Zone Select Key Switch

The zone select key switch allows you to securely set up to three pre-selected lift limits.


Movement Alarm

The audible travel alarm alerts others to the presence of a moving lift truck in the area. Tha alarm can be set to sound when the forklift is travelling forward and/or in reverse.


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    Technical Features
    Power 48V 700 - 1.395 Ah
    Power 80V 465 - 930 Ah
    Load capacity max 1.500 Kg
    Lift height max 17.145 mm
    Platform height max 15.800 mm

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