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We have a wide range of forklifts, from a simple hand pallet truck to the most complex reach trucks and trilaterals.

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Whatever the size of your company or the variety of machines you own, at Llorsa we service our competitors’ machines as well as our own brand.


Our goal is always to offer excellent service and provide our customers with the best solutions to meet all their needs and requirements. At Llorsa we offer all types of forklift trucks: pallet trucks, reach trucks, counterbalanced trucks and much more. In addition, we have the best technical support services so that our customers can solve any problem as quickly as possible. All our services are based on four fundamental pillars: productivity, flexibility, value and quality.


We seek maximum efficiency and productivity at work. We show this by doing things well and our total transparency with the customer.


We know how important machinery costs and after-sales are to our customers. That’s why we offer keen prices.


We are a company that adapts to each client’s needs. Following this premise, we try to give each client unique, personalized treatment, showing the utmost flexibility.


We are of the view that unless the quality is good, everything else is worthless. Our forklifts and all our services are of the highest quality.

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For more than 30 years Llorsa has been designing, supplying and servicing all types of forklifts in the Madrid and Guadalajara area (side reach trucks, trilaterals, etc.). As a full service provider, we are ready to help you with any aspect of your forklift truck maintenance.